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Picturethrill is a free app that downloads "Pictures of the Day" from sites you select and wallpapers them for you. Fresh pictures everyday!

Click the link on the right to Download the Windows version.

  1. (Optional) Donate to support development efforts of Picturethrill by Kodi Studios Donate
  2. Download Picturethrill App
  3. Click "Install" button.
  4. Select site that you want daily wallpapers from.
  5. Click "Wallpaper" to wallpaper picture.
  6. Close it

That's it! It will do the rest for you :)

Every day you will get a new wallpaper background on your windows desktop.

Check out latest screenshot of the App below:

Download Picturethrill App

Check out the sample images from currently supported websites:

Download Picturethrill App

List of websites that currently support to get images from:
  • Bing -
  • NASA -
  • Earth Science -
  • National Geographic -
  • Wikipedia -
  • Nature -

Support for many more websites is coming soon!

List of Supported OS:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Coming Soon:
  • Macintosh OSX
  • Android

Kodi Studios

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